Monday, March 31, 2008


Adele gave me some soap as a Christmas present. No it's not a message about my personal hygiene. Though I am not considered a true girl, I do like the luxuriousness of hand made soaps and these are wonderful, she knew I'd like them.

I was reluctant to use them up because they're so lovely, not only are they appealing to the eye, their perfume is delicious. You are tempted to eat them. In the shower they're a little bit of escape as you lather up. One is made with a layer of sand to exfoliate those rough spots. These soaps are heavier in your hand, slippery but not mushy. Unlike mass manufactured soap, they feel less like detergent and more like indulgence. The scent fills the whole bathroom, take the time to enjoy the sensory pleasure and the moment.

Sadly, I didn't have anyone to wash my back but who knows, if the soap is as great as it felt, maybe I can find a volunteer.....

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