Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year

Here we are. Another year. Wow. Where did 2011 go? Guess it's true, as you get older, time blurs and you lose track.  It was a strange year, wrapped in a miasma of hopelessness, ill health, and yet, there were some standout moments that gave me an inkling of what was lurking not too far below the surface. Middle age is not so different from any other age, you just have more experience is all. 

In deference to my counsellor who always made me name some good things, here goes:

my very good friends
phone calls from my brother
realising that people think I can do ANYTHING (even when I'm winging it!)
understanding my value, as a friend, family member, employee
learning to let go (again)

The purpose of my story? None really, only to say, don't be afraid to explore, to find your passion, to get rid of the clutter in your life. It's not about money, or fame, or position, life is more than that. Stop re-reading that last chapter, picking away at the mistakes, get on and write the next chapter and the next. It's your story, feel free to edit as you will. Sure you may never get that 21" waistline back, or fit into a size 6, so what? It's not the end of the world. Love yourself, don't let some ad agency copy define you. It's not worth it to spend your time agonising on what isn't, focus on what is. Because all that time you wasted, you'll never get back. Was it really worth the agony? I doubt it. 

So here's to 2012, going forward with hope, with a promise to myself. Happy New Year everybody!

Friday, December 30, 2011

The day before the day before

It's the eve of New year's eve, the hustle is on  to do last minute things for tomorrow night; preparations for parties, or grander scale balls, things to resolve, resolutions to be made. End of Year is a time when people re-examine themselves and make decisions to greet the new. In the midst of the madding crowds, stop and ask yourself, is this where I want to be? 

Seen on Facebook, how do you move on to the next chapter in your life if you continue to re-read the last one. On this the almost last day of the year, I know with certainty that my own life is about to change. And that change is a good thing. 

So to you out there in the world, Happy New Year. Don't operate from a position of fear, don't stay in a rut because it is comfortable or easy. Be who and what you want to be, because life is precious and time waits for no one.