Thursday, March 16, 2017

Peaceful Easy Feeling

It's a bright sunny day, that bright, crisp, clear Caribbean blue that makes your eyes hurt if you stare upwards for too long. Inside the relative coolness of the house, the dogs are lying around asleep with the Eagles crooning in the background. It's the kind of morning that makes you want to drop everything, grab your surfboard and head to the beach, or call up some friends and sit around someplace shady with a hamper of nice things to eat and cool wine to wash it down. Life at the slow and easy pace.

Except, except, not many people can just drop and head out mid-week. There are bills to be paid, children to service, employers to satisfy, no time for navel gazing, maybe the weekend! And I can't surf anyway.

Insulated against the vicissitudes of life in the microcosm of home, the garden outside the window beguiling with cheery bright flowers bobbing in the breeze. Florid green grass begging for bare feet is insidious, why leave when you can stay here and enjoy this it seems to ask. The temptation is to avoid outside for so many reasons. All too soon reality and life will intrude. But for now, Glen Frey's California twang, easy on the ear, "and I got a peaceful easy feeling, And I know you won't let me down 'cause I'm already standing on the ground".....