Sunday, March 9, 2008

Sometime Sunday

Let me preface by saying that generally, I never used to be an avid reader of bodice ripper type novels. Oh occasionally I'd indulge in some brain rotting as stress relief. I read a lot, it's a life long habit that has saved my sanity on more than one occasion. It's always a mixed bag, I like different genres and like the way I listen to music, my tastes are many and varied. Sunday mornings used to be go to the beach, watch the waves and read my book. Sun, sand, sea, cooling breezes, Caribbean idyll.

These days I'm lucky if I can pry my eyelids apart at the crack of dawn to take the hound out for his constitutional. He's pretty insistent and he'll dig you out of the sheets until he gets your attention, so bleary eyed, drooling and PJed I drag outside until the wretched animal is done before scurrying back to pull the sheets over my head, maybe even a pillow, curl up against the man and go back to sleep. For as long as possible. Don't call me before 10:00 am, I will not answer the phone. Even the hound has learnt not to disturb my repose at his peril.

Unfortunately Sunday mornings have become chore days. Alas, my attempts to transform the flat into oasis of calm and light from its usual state of tip is usually in vain. With no help from man or hound, they will move remote or tail out of the ravening keel of vacum cleaner but that's about it. Meals served tv side are even more welcome. It's a never ending battle to get Casa Coffeewallah to heel but I try. That is before slipping off to my cool cotton sheets, blue walls and billowing white linen curtains. The hound usually embraces martyrdom at this stage of the game. He usually sighs before draping himself across the bottom of the bed, strategically placed to get as much fan benefits as possible. After all, he's the one with the fur coat right.

I read in bed until I drift off. Sunday's are still about doing nothing, watching movies, reading and communing with hound, or at least I try for the fleeting moments that are allowed me. I think everybody is entitled to downtime and I relish mine as much as possible. Must be off, valuable sleep time being encroached on!


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