Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Knowing when to stop

Originally today's blog started off as an oration on my devotion to work, but that's just plain boring. We all acknowledge that I'm a workaholic and I need to get over it. Moving right along.

Should I talk about cake like the one ordered for Mark's birthday. It is literally death by chocolate and he'd better damn well appreciate it and not give me lip about not eating cake for lent. Nah, that might get me into trouble with the cake nazis so scratch that topic.

Lets' see, what should I be writing about that will not give me acid indigestion, a headache or make me want to go bang someone into the ground? Running out of topics here. So I figure, if I have nothing positive to say I need to not say anything, for my own sake. Practicing for the zen existence now. Off I go to meditate, breathe, chant and be one with the universe. Ah, calm, peace....

Um, meditating here...I wonder if I could squeeze in a cranberry facial this week. Stop, clear my mind of frivolities. Right, meditate....should I clear out my closet tonight when I get home...oops, mind wandering again. Have to get Sean to finish that design. Okay, clearly this is not successful. Oh dear. Taking suggestions as to how to de-stress and become one people.


Andreamuse said...

*perks ears up at the word "cake"*

Coffeewallah said...

Are you baking? YAY! When should I pass by?

GirlBlue said...

As many people myself as soon as you figure that out let me know the secret.

Please note that I am deliberately ignoring all mention of the four lettered c word