Monday, March 31, 2008

You know...

the trouble with depression is that you get bloody depressed. You can't always be sure that it is a bout of what Winston Churchill called " the big dog on my back" or simply the blahs when you're a bit fed up. They both have a way of creeping up on you and getting you down when you least expect.

Oh yes, there are times when you know that you'll be hit but not always. I could live without the body hurt and the dragging feeling. It's tough having to drag yourself through the motions of living. What's the fun in that right. But enough about me.

I was rather surprised recently when an acquaintance whom I've always thought of a a livewire mentioned that they thought they suffered depressive periods. Blow me down! Though maybe it should not be so surprising because a lot of people put on a good public front.

There are lots of mechanisms that you learn when you have depression, there's exercise, practicing positive affirmations, hanging around with supportive people, meds, all useful in their own way. To often it is easy to get into, eat, shop, sleep compulsively, withdraw...etc. The bottom line, get through each minute, hour, day at a time until you come out the other side.

I got to thinking about these things, of late I have a had a number of people relate their depression stories. They're becoming more numerous as our lives become more crammed with things to do.

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