Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Sun, sun, here it comes!

There must be something to all those studies that say people get happy in the sun or at least it's more bearable. Statistics show that there are more suicides in winter in cold countries. In the West Indies we don't usually kill ourselves because we're depressed, it's because we get 'horned' or we get 'vex' with somebody. I won't go into ethnic sterotyping, largely because I'll get hate e-mail which is kind of annoying. I have noticed though, since I've been sitting around in the sunshine, evey day so much so I look like a piece of polished wood, I'm a lot more relaxed.

Sure it took a little time for me to wind down, the first day I was bouncing off the walls, by day two all the walking around had burned off the negative energy. Since then I've been decamped on a really lovely beach, picture perfect, blue skies, clear water with little waves, white sand, loungers, beach umbrellas, it's been grand. But I did briefly wonder, are we so unhappy at work because all the offices are painted grey, with dark carpets and air conditioned so cold that some days you can't feel your fingers? And I think the answer might be yes. People are conditioned by their environment and colours also play a big part in this. In developed countries they've stopped painting hospitals all white and have gone to healing colours like green and yellow which are cheery. All the better to make you feel better.

I'm not complaining about my working conditions, some people have it worse. Sitting here with the sand between my toes and the sun shining on my shoulders, the world is not so bad. Anyway, this is cutting into my quality beach time with Guiness lounging at my feet.....

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