Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Out came the sunshine

The sun finally came out properly this morning. In three days I'll be climbing into a swimsuit for the first time in two years and sunning myself on a beach. My heart is singing at the thought and the rest of me has already started the process of disconnecting. I go to work but it's not so bad, I have something to look forward to.

My heart goes out to those farmers who lost their hard labour in the floods over the weekends. The price of food is rising daily so this does not help the situation. Actually, the price of everything is going up shortly. In a month we'll pay more for electricity which usually causes price hikes from the manufacturing sector. In an effort to reduce "consumerism" the banks have again raised their lending rates, not their interest on savings etc. At every turn the average Joe or Mary is being charged more and making less. How can you save if you have nothing left over from paying bills?

It's sad, but to some degree I've had to give up my smiling ladies, they've become a treat. I wonder what will happen to them if everyone starts doing the same and I lament that as a society we'll lose another valuable piece of ourselves.

Meanwhile, I'm still thankful to the universe that I live on a tropical island, that I know good folks, my hound is happy and in three days I get to hang with one of my most favourite people, my little bro.

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