Monday, April 21, 2008

Birthday present

My little bro gave me one of the best presents ever. For the first time in fifteen years we have been under the same roof for an extended period, just the two of us hanging out together. It's been great, at least for me, don't know how he feels about having a house guest taking up his space, bed etc for this long!

I know I've pointed out in the past that I wanted to trade him in for a dog but that's just talk. I like my brother as a person and I think, even if we hadn't been related I would still like him. He puts up with me bless his heart.

For the last three days he's allowed me to do absolutely nothing, something I very rarely get to do, and I've been slowly winding down, like a clock, the ticks are coming less often. But I don't mind, maybe it will make me less intense, or maybe I will feel less keenly the things I cannot control. All I know is having been here has made me understand how close I was to totally exploding from the stress of always doing or trying to do. And also to realise how unimportant it all is at the end.

We all want what is best but we also have to know when to let it go. Life can only become as toxic if you let it. As I watch my brother go about his business I can only marvel at how competant he is and how much his staff seem to appreciate him. It's not that easy, I know, and I'm very glad that despite everything else that has gone on in our lives that he retains some of the best qualities.

So bro, if I haven't said it before, you're the best and I wouldn't trade you in for anything! Thanks.

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