Friday, April 11, 2008

In want

They sure don't make electrical appliances the same way anymore. Crap, I sound like Granny! It used to be that appliances were built to last a long time and were sold with that promise. Lifetime warranties? What's that? Sure you can get them but for the life span of of the average mobile phone, computer and appliance redundant in six months, not years. It's not hip to discuss longevity in our increasingly transient world when everything is geared towards accumulating new, better, whatever models, never mind about sustainability or environmental sense.

My dryer, inherited from my former sister-in-law and her husband was bought back before the birth of their first child some 26 years ago, it was a very forward model with digital readings and things. As an old environmental hack, conscious about carbon footprints, energy efficiency and all that, I'm always concerned about using it since it was made in the pre-Energy star days. It works pretty well though, that is when it's not acting up.

But I confess, I've been lusting after a batch of new, spiffy appliances for quite a while. The stainless steel, five burner gas range, fridge with freezer on the bottom, you know. Now I'm not one of those house proud types but I do love nice kitchen appliances, it takes me back to my cooking days when I had a Garland Grill and other joys. The last fridge I'd bought died the day after the two year warranty was up. Lucky old me. I ended up with the man's fridge a ten or eleven year old veteran when I got it.

My washing machine, bought new for a change, quit on me again last night. It does that from time to time when it decides it needs a rest. Except this time it was full of clothes, towels and water. It will not drain, it will not rinse, it will not spin. Clearly our romance is over and it's given up the ghost. I have to call a repairman of course. But then, I also need to find someone to fix the rusting on the fridge, the timing something on the dryer and yes, I would REALLY like a proper oven. My stove was made for people who don't cook, even though it has four burners, it was slightly used when I got it and they only kinda work.

For the first time ever, I long for something other than a nice vacation, hot shoes or bag or a stack of books. These are my usual wants. Now. I. Want. A. New Fridge/Stove/Washer etc. Pretty to look at, energy efficient, quiet and mostly, new. Does that make me shallow? Do I really care? Nope.

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