Friday, May 23, 2008


It's the day after a public holiday. We all know what happens in T'dad on these occasions, there is little morning traffic because fewer people show up for work. My office is a virtual ghost town. What's the sense in having public holidays mid-week? We all know that productivity drops a hundred fold and it really screws up your work flow. You get into holiday mode and then have to switch to switch back. I wonder if those bright people making decisions about these things really think them through. Hold up, we know they don't.

Other than Independence and religious holidays the other stuff is moveable. So wouldn't it make more sense to say, oh, the last Friday in May shall be whatever. That way we all know when the holiday is, people can make their arrangements accordingly. It is time to be smart not politic.

Earlier this week, a Canadian consultant working on organisational reform was horrified at how early people have to get up to traverse to work and how long they sat in traffic. That surely kills your ability to be productive, you lose an average of five hours a day. That's a lot of time. Is it any wonder that "lifestyle" diseases are one of the biggest killers in this country. We spend our time like gerbils on a treadmill, running nowhere. Every afternoon, if you drive down Ariapita Avenue there are hundreds of people avidly liming, as though there is nothing more.

I keep trying to put a positive spin on life, it's my new dispensation if you will. But there are days when even I grow weary of trying.

Have a good weekend everybody!


Wuzdescene said...

Thank God I'm no longer part of the 'rat race' ..... have a good weekend too .... and remember .... next week Friday is another public holiday ... so get ready .... is long weekend! :-)

Coffeewallah said...

Girl, you don't know the half of it!

But you have a great weekend, no stress.