Friday, May 16, 2008

10 Reasons why spin class is obnoxious

If David Letterman can do this, who's me!

1) You're on a bicycle to nowhere.

2) You're on a bicycle pedaling really hard, going nowhere.

3) You're INDOORS on a bicycle pedaling really hard to go nowhere.

4) The overly fit instructor keeps shouting at you.

5) The overly fit, energiser bunny instructor is clearly too cheerful/sadistic

6) You have to wear faffy clothes to sweat, as opposed to sweats.

7) You spend most of the time watching other people's butts unless you're in front.

8) The music is techno and sounds like everyone is on X.

9) Your legs feel funny for hours after, like you've been to sea and can't get your land legs back.

10) You're breathing in the same air as twenty/thirty other sweaty, panting other people.

Did I mention how much I hate the gym. No kidding right. I used to do aerobics, in a gym and in a pool, I used to lift weights, heck I actually used to wear the faffy clothes. But now that I'm older, and age brings wisdom and all that, I found that I preferred actually doing stuff, especially if I wasn't confined. Take me kayaking, swimming or biking, where you actually go places, see things. Twenty years of off and on yoga have allowed me to manage myself.

I know, some people like their exercise to feel like work so that they can virtuously say they WENT TO THE GYM. Or they ran 20 miles today. Good for you if you enjoy it! Otherwise, unless you're Masai running across the veldt or a marathon runner (and they all mad), why do we have to make exercise a chore. Walking the dog around our pavement challenge is a hell of a lot more entertaining thanks!

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