Saturday, May 10, 2008


It's Saturday, it's finally cooling down, earlier the house was a heat trap. I got in from a day spent driving around doing weekend things though it was uncomfortable, even with the car air conditioning cranked up. The sun beat down and the earth, which is already dry and cracked, seemed to absorb the heat and deliver it back through your shoes. When it's this hot, though it's beautiful, it's extremely enervating and all you want to do is crawl into the shade with a cool drink and not think.

Tomorrow is Mother's Day, every mall, sidewalk booth, drugstore had gift items to lure the unwary. To me it's another excuse for Hallmark et al to make some more money. I'm all for appreciating people but the level of conspicuous consumerism was a little hard to swallow. Despite my crusty exterior, caused by too much sun and too many cars on the road, I too will be tootling home tomorrow, to commune with my grandmother. My mother has been gone for about sixteen years and I no longer have a mother in law so there was no frantic gift purchase. Granny is happy that I turn up, no present necessary.

For tonight, I'm going to be communing with Dr. Jones, Indiana Jones, as USA hosts a Indy marathon as a build up to the new movie. My flea motel, aka The Hound and I are planning to be sprawled in front of the idiot box, no worries, no stress, large popcorn. Happiness!

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