Monday, May 5, 2008

Little things to make you happy

This morning a young colleague shared his breakfast with me. Passing my open office door, he stopped to shake his Ras and hail me out and I, opportunistically spotted the white plastic bag in his hand. Upon enquiring as to what it might contain he cheerfully offered up half of his roast bake and saltfish. FYI, I'm not usually in the habit of accosting staff for their food, except for Slacker, he's different. This morning it all just seemed right to say yes thank you, the sun is shining outside the patio door off of my lair, the traffic was not unbearable and B. with his irrepressible spirit brought a smile.

He disappeared into the kitchen and materialised computer side bearing a blue plate, napkin with bake neatly arranged on top. I'm happily munching away, the bake light and airy, the lettuce crunchy, the codfish spiced just right with a touch of pepper. I feel like I've been given a gift to make up for the earlier tender stomach caused by stress and eating oddly this weekend.

Amazing how a seemingly small gesture could make a difference, but B's bake, served up willingly with a smile really made my day!

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