Tuesday, August 5, 2008

La bon vie

Am back on the island again, checking out how the other half live. It's interesting being an observer, not part of the landscape, even removed but seeing up close and personal a lifestyle that really, most of us only ever seen in magazines or on TV. Yes, this really is how the other half live. I've seen swimsuits, clothes and sunglasses that have yet to be featured in magazines, so on the cutting edge of fashion are they. Do I envy these folk who are so far removed from me in experiences?

No, it's interesting but dare I say, I suspect exhausting. No one cares what I look like or whom I know. I can just be me here, and that's why they come here too, so they can just be them, funny, we have something in common after all. I'm extremely happy to be here, for the white sand beaches, the clear, clear blue water that beckons invitingly down at the end of the road. No traffic, no worrying about walking around alone after dark. No having to care whether when phone rings it is another impossible request that I will have to jump through hoops to provide.

It's great to be in a place where everyone as they pass by says hello, or at least lifts a hand in greeting. No matter who. Sure it has it's own challenges, but they are not mine, and for once, I too can unwind. I can see why you would pay so much for the privilege of doing so and am extremely thankful to my brother for making it possible for me. This is what love is, giving one space to just be.

Am off now, to slurp and ice cream, feeling the sunshine on my face, thankful to be alive and in this beautiful space.


GirlBlue said...

Damn I haven't called you because I thought you went since last week! Have loads of fun and this time take a picture or two nah...damnit!

Coffeewallah said...

See, I took a damn picture already! See, my toes are on vacation. But I did take a picture or two more....