Thursday, July 31, 2008

And before the long weekend

Today, while visiting the bank where the line stretched endlessly, for a service that could not be done on-line or via telebanking, The line was so long and non-moving that it seemed more productive to visit another branch. I decided to hit the ABM for some quick cash to have my watch repaired. Mind the ABM line itself was a curling snake in the little room but everyone was waiting patiently for their turn at the two working machines. There were about ten people in line when suddenly, a woman barged in and boldly jumped the line, in front of seven people waiting, walking through the people who had moved to let her in through the outside door.

Well blow me down, how rude! The woman standing in front of her gently pointed out that the end of the line was in fact on the other side. That was the beginning of fifteen minutes of haranguing while the line jumper roundly abused her, and the rest of us standing in line, profanity and invective spewed from her mouth with no regard to anyone's sensibilities. There was a child present, what kind of example was this? We wonder at the break down in our society, why? This woman had not an iota of respect for anyone and loudly stated her right to do whatever she wanted etc. It was appalling for any number of reasons.

Several of us looked for the branch guard who was no-where to be found. Having taken this person's abuse, because she was yelling at all of us, and refused to give ground without us resorting to physical methods, we were even more taken aback to discover she was not even a client of the bank. She took out her RBL linx card and shoved it into the FCB machine. There was a RBL right across the road on Park Street, one wonders why she hadn't availed herself of it. Maybe because they have more guards who would have removed her for bad behaviour?

Several minutes later walking to the St. Vincent Street branch I passed two vagrants, one lay twitching on the sidewalk with the other standing in throughway making obscene remarks. Then he started waving the knife blade in his hand around, jabbing the air and anybody who might have the misfortune to inadvertently get in his way. The man walking slightly behind me had to do some fancy footwork as we both scurried past as fast as possible to get away from this madman.

Mulling over things, it seems to me that laws in this country are now suggestions. Case in point; no parking on this side of the street today; it's okay, I have to pay a bill so I'm just running in. Is the cost worth it when you have to recover your car from the tow yard? People routinely drive badly without regard for fellow road users. This is just one symptom and I'm sure my fellow bloggers could name at least a few dozen more.

I get tired of store clerks being rude or truculent. Like the Pennywise store clerk whose response when asked by me, "may I please have a bottle of herbal essences two in one shampoo", looked at the shelf behind her where the bottle was clearly marked as such and snarled, "whey it is yuh really want nuh?" Her colleague had been ignoring me to yell at someone across the room, "wha happen to you, Ah go get yuh. Yuh ignoring me." She said it four times, I think the people outside on the street heard her.

You may wonder why I'm on such a downer, or the tourism board will shortly come and cart me away for being non-patriotic but it is because I love my country that I'll talking about these things. Our tendency to ignore, turn a blind eye or sweep things under the carpet because it's not our problem is the problem. Until we realise that it is everybody's issue to do something about it will not change.

Meanwhile, I'm escaping here and going off to have a peaceful week somewhere else.



HPD said...

"it seems to me that laws in this country are now suggestions." Yes. It drives me crazy as well. It happened to me to a lessor degree while in Bucks County. I was driving at the upper end of the speed limit through narrow roads in an area I have never been before - and a man in a white van flashed his lights, honked, and came speeding passed me - and then flipped me the finger. I couldn't pull over as it was on a narrow road next to the river. We all looked at each other and thought the same thing. He is most likely like that when he is at home as well.

Chin up. Have a great break. And remember your golden heart. Most people might not see the shine because of those dark glasses and baggage they carry. But those who you touch will be a bit better for having seen you be the shining light of love.

Angry African

Coffeewallah said...

Thanks, you're a real sweetie. Sometimes you lose all perspective in the face mass stupidity and plain bad manners. Will think of you while I soak up the sun!

Wuzdescene said...

oh gosh Wallah .... ah feelin yuh wit dis one .... you are so right when you say that our laws seem to be mere suggestions .... look at a simple thing like a traffic light ….. I was at a red light on de Foreshore today ... and a car from behind …. calmly drove past all the cars at the red light ….. broke de red light ….. and calmly continued driving down de highway like is nuttin ….. I just could not believe de idiocy …… then when I reached Wrightson Road …… I started to hear sirens …. and discovered that the sound was coming from behind me ….. Police and Soldiers were blazing down de road .... in big trucks and motorbike and ting …. I think they were heading tuh dat function fuh de visiting President of Ghana ... so anyway ….. cars start tuh edge outta dey way …. some ending up on de island ….. and some on de pavement ….. you know when de motorbike Police reach de car in front of me …. he start tuh hit up de man car …. cuz like he find de man didn’t go up on de island enuff …. is ah sickness all around …. wit civilians AND people supposedly in authority …. cuz how de Police (of all people) …. could just hit up ah man car jus so … I doh know what the solution is ….. but its definitely getting more challenging to live in Trinidad …. and not only for the obvious reasons like crime and high prices ….. but fuh simply having to deal with fellow Trinbagonians …… and I think people’s general ‘ignoramous’ behaviour is just a reflection of the treatment they get too ….. it’s a vicious cycle!!!

charms said...

Hey ..just wanted to send you love and light as you leave for your much needed wk of bliss..have an amazing free to be all and everything ...shine on...drink up enough positive energy to bring back and think of me while drifting along.
love C.