Monday, July 28, 2008

Letters from the edge

Sunday, Jools Holland tickling the ivory keys and in the background, Jimmy Sommerville crooning, "dooooon't leave meeee this wa-ay, I can't sur-vive, I surely miss your tender kiss, dontcha leave me this way. AAAAHHHH BAYBEE....."

Just come back from a trek out east, had a huge sense of disconnect, I swear we must be having another election what with all the road paving. Everywhere. The Hi and Lo on the Highway opposite the Solo factory, what's with paving one and a half lanes, erasing the lines and then disappearing. That can't be legal. The weird goings on at Grand Bazaar, the traffic backing up past Macoya due to the road widening. What gives? Can't be local Government elections, those got put off again. The poor car reeling from the up and down on straight roads, hope I didn't injure the undercarriage of the red robin, parts are not cheap.

Outside the rain in falling. Again. Wonder if the road is going to flood. Again. That rush of earth filled water, full of debris, rushing across the road, swamping everything until it runs off. A swirling morass that leaves the road pitted and filled with obstacles making the morning trek to work and exercise in dodgem car driving. This developed nation lark is....

'Pump up the volume, pump up the volume, dance, dance yeh...' okay, trying to get into swimsuit shape. Well, at least a shape that can be exposed to public scrutiny as opposed to looking like a solo bottle, or can of coke. This exercise and healthy living thing could kill a body. What was it again, aerobics for twenty minutes a day? Or half and hour? Or an hour? What can't I eat this week? Weights? Even the dog is looking confused, why am I walking so vigorously, swearing and not be out walkies. How could you walk like that and go nowhere? Poor soul, clearly mummy has lost what is left of her mind and he needs to insert some reality. This he will heroically do by barking hysterically, at the elliptical walker, at the stationary vacuum cleaner and the neighbourhood stray cat. How much can you turn the volume up on an iPod without your brain turing into mush?

What do you mean it's Monday. Already? Must be a mistake, it can't be Monday morning already, I just went to sleep and it was still Saturday. Oh. That's right, there was the whole of yesterday. Auntie Z's stewed chicken and red beans, bless her! Five loads of laundry, it must be making babies in the laundry basket, have to look into that. Guess this means that the weekend is over. Already. Oh.

"Need to get my thoughts together....Need to get up now, get my feet on the ground....Always got something to do, someone to be seeing, Somewhere to be dancing I'm a wake human being, It's an opportunity, shout 'till you go blue, Unless I wanna do it,Your words go through...." hey Amy might not want to go to Rehab but the girl sure can sing. Guess this means that should stop procrastinating, prise my eyelids apart, go face the day.

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