Friday, July 4, 2008

On a cheery note

A couple days ago while strolling through the Falls at West Mall a bunch of angels descended upon me and my heart was light. Okay, I'm not having visions nor taken leave of my senses. The band of winged ones were in fact a gaggle of little girls all tricked out in white tees and angel wings with tin foil halos. They were handing out promotional flyers for some or other store and even an old, self proclaimed curmudgeon, me, could not help smile at their antics. They darted out from the front of the shop under the watchful eye of someone's mummy and accosted mall shoppers. Since I'm about 5' 9" in my heels I hadn't noticed them at first until I nearly tripped over one fuzzy haired, dark eyed little beauty, who called me MISS, tugging at the corner of my jacket to hand me her flyer. Satisfied that I had taken it, she sped off calling to her friends that they were letting us get away.

As an inveterate watcher of people; yes, I've been known to lurk in public places and just watch people go by. The opportunity was too good to miss and though I had things to do, I stood for a moment to watch them. They were a pack of about eight, all cute, beaming smiles, conscientious in handing out their flyers, chests puffed up with self importance at doing this most vital job. They approached each person with the same verve and energy, in groups of two or three. The shopper would find him or herself surrounded by the gaggle, one would tug on the victims arm while the others thrust their literature at them, all speaking in high pitched tones at the same time. To a man they brought smiles to the faces of shoppers, most of whom had been grimly going about their business.

Those little girls made me realise once again why my job, which I sometimes despair of, is important. Thanks little angels for making my day light!

Have a great weekend everybody!


GirlBlue said...

It seems appropriate that it was angels that made you smile and come to that realisation.

Have a great weekend WallahWallah!

Wuzdescene said...

children are so sweet ... ah doh want none ... but dey sweet .... love dem all .... today I attended the 'graduation' of my friend's 5 year old son ... those kiddies were some of the cutest little things .... so proud in dey lil 'big up' outfits .... walking confidently to the podium to receive their certificates .... they didn't have wings .... but I too encountered many little 'angels' today :-)