Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Watching the wheels turn

You know you're getting old when your favourite show now starts at 10:00 pm and you find yourself falling asleep as the opening credits roll.

Worse, you cannot go to movies that start after 8:30 pm lest you fall asleep on some strangers shoulder in the cinema, ditto the theatre.

You know you're getting old when your friends suggest an evening at some club or other and you sneak home under the pretense of changing into non-work clothes, and you stay there.

You go out for after work drinks and then complain about the "noise" in the bar.

You know you're getting old when you start talking about "when I was younger this is what we did during the August holidays".

You know age is catching up with you when the fashions in the stores look suspiciously like the things you wore as a teenager.

Oh yes, and your children are wearing them!

It is certainly a sign of age when those four inch stilettos that you would have happily climbed into and then walked around in all day are suddenly superseded by 'comfy' ballet flats - not just when you're navigating the uneven pavements, ALL THE TIME.

How do you know that it's time to get that mommy car? When climbing in and out of your low slung sex on wheels mobile requires two young men and a lot of creaking and pulling.

Conversations no longer revolve around clothes, parties or hot limes, instead acid reflux, having to go to work early the next day, what time the children have classes, retirement planning are the order of the day.

When the music you listened to becomes elevator music and is played on the "classic" station instead of Radio HOT.

Of course on the brighter side;

Getting older means that you're taken more seriously and no one says to you, " what do you know" as a result of your age.

However, you get to say this to other "young" folks.

Getting also means you get to say things like, " I told you so- because I said so - back in the ......, this is how we did it".

It means being liberated enough not to care that you haven't been seen in whatever night club dancing on a table top until what hour, wearing who knows what.

Getting older means that staying home with your book is a viable option.

See what happens when you have relentless insomnia, the mind comes up with all kinds of things to keep itself occupied!


Cliviaalana said...

haha.. .everything you say here is what my life has morphed into.. except for the kids...
sigh..oh well...i guess there's a balance in a way..
cause CSI marathons are way more fun than heading to the club for me..

Coffeewallah said...

Law and Order, Monk and Burn Notice these days. None of this having to climb into tight, clingly clothes and then spend the night sucking it in while being deafened by inane music.

No kids either but I seem to have a lot of "nieces and nephews".

Wuzdescene said...

yuh know yuh gettin old .... when little sweetie announces .... dat her mummy just got her a new DVD .... and then asks "Auntie, what DVDs did YOU watch when you were small?" .... hmmmmm :-)

GirlBlue said...

hi madass I left a lil something on my blog for you. Go collect it and share the love.