Monday, August 18, 2008

The information age or just plain nosy?

I find it amazing the lengths that the media go to, to invade the lives of famous and sort of famous people. Also amazing, the amount of money or the lengths that people have to employ to maintain some privacy. The late Princess Diana was probably, in her heyday, the most photographed woman in the world. There was not a place she could go without being recognised or having some photographer lurking, poised to distribute her every nuance to the world. Even today, eleven years after her death, details of her life are still ruthlessly plumbed to provide fodder. Pity her poor kids. Who really needs to know all of this stuff anyway? Our curiosity fuels a multi billion dollar business, but really, is it our right to know?

Everybody is entitled to their privacy, no matter how public a figure. Sure we have a right to know what our leaders etc are up to, but where do we draw the line between personal and public? One of the ground rules for visiting my brother is that I don't discuss the people I see on the island. Several smart people figured out where it was and those in the know would have recognised from the pictures. Truthfully, I'm usually so glad to be incognito and away from my own life that all I'm concerned about is how much beach time I can get in. Sure it's interesting to see how the other "half" live, nice but that's their life, not mine.

Which brings me to the mass of media reports I read about the guests and event that took place while I was on vacation a week ago. I've been falling over laughing at how wrong they all are, not surprising because they were written by people who WERE NOT THERE. I know, because I was. However, if you're hoping for some name dropping or serious scores, you're going to have to make do with the fake stuff, I'm not telling.

What I will say is, I hope everyone had a rollicking good time and thanks for making sure I did too.

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