Saturday, August 16, 2008

Snippets again

I've been watching the Olympics, I've already written my thoughts on the Jamaican Lightening Bolt over on wordpress so I won't repeat.

In other Olympic news...who knew that hopping around on the trampoline was an Olympic sport. Is that what happens to old gymnists? Have to wonder because some of those girls are kinda on the older side. What about Badminton? About as interesting as watching paint dry. Beach volleyball? You really have to wonder how Olympic disciplines are chosen, they're not always the same for every Games. Remember synchronised swimming? What happens to all those synchronised swimmers now that it's no longer an olympic sport, do they stop swimming?

The post on charitable giving certainly prompted some strong responses, most of them from people who are similarly minded. Didn't know so many people felt beleaguered. My response, do what you can but don't feel guilty about what you can't.

An old friend from the protest days sent a resigned e-mail the other day. The bottom line, we're tired of trying to save the country's architectural heritage which is being rapidly eroded or bulldozed every day. additionally folks, my days of chaining myself to buildings, writing countless words in support of the environment, built and natural, circulating petitions, beating on doors....over. If you don't care, why should I expend my energy on your behalf, you have some responsibility too.

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