Thursday, June 12, 2008

The mating habits of Homo Caribbeanus

Yesterday evening I was caught out while doing my Savannah run. The rain had been threatening, but I'd figured that it might hold off until I was through. No such luck, the torrential downpour hit in front of QRC, the car was nowhere close so I kept going, though the huge droplets were coming down so heavily you couldn't see the buildings. Water ran from my hair into my eyes, clothes soaked, clinging in the fashion of a wet Tshirt contest. Though I love playing in the rain, this was past that, squelching, oozing water everywhere I trotted through the middle of the Savannah and countless football/rugby games being played to make it back to the car. To a man, the Trini male rose to the occasion.

They are terribly observant you know; "girl, you real wet", " you should get out of the rain, yuh getting wet", "hmm, those pants clinging to you for dear life", "oh, I see you might be cold". These and other stellar gems of wisdom imparted every three steps, charming. One wit, swigging from his Gatorade bottle though I very much doubt he required it, exchanged what he considered some excellent repartee while speaking to my crotch, I couldn't really hear on account of my ears being much higher up. That will certainly teach me to go running in the rain. I have to wonder you know, do men really think that women are turned on by this?

My cousin asked me when last I went out with a non-gay man. Hmm, in this century? Understand, I don't discriminate or choose my friends on the basis of sexual orientation, how much money they have, how hip they are, or stuff like that. Generally my friends are intelligent, can hold up their end of a conversation, fun, you know, normal people. But those are my friends and yes, I do spend a some of my free time with them, male and female.

Women here are always complaining about men, what he did and did not do and why can't he be more whatever. But what's our yardstick? A bunch of foreign movies, tv shows and novels which all depict man/woman relationships very differently to how they are really conducted here. Okay, I might be considered cynical but really, while we all waiting for the prince to come along, we have these unrealistic expectations of what he should be. Trini men all have lyrics, they all look, they all have some story, yes, even the nice ones. Once you can accept that, you're ready to go, if you're expecting the hearts and flowers routine go find some nice European man.


GirlBlue said...

The average trini male is assured somehow that we are. Please also notice that the more repulsive the man the more he thinks you should be happy that he has deigned to speak to you.

See I told you, you're prettier than your dog

Coffeewallah said...

I don't know, he usually elicits a lot of comments too.

GirlBlue said...

But not to his crotch I reckon