Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Love Affair

It's raining.
I love it when it rains,
I wish to be curled up at home,
in my bed, wrapped up with my book
And dog at my feet, shaggy fur tickling the soles.

Rain, falling heavily outside,
Glancing blows on the galvanised iron roof.
Scattering down where there is not guttering,
the leaves of the tree outside my window.
drooping with the weight of water.

I love the rain.
Quiet evenings lounging with popcorn,
hot cocoa to sip, movies to watch.
Solitude even as it pours outside.
Snug and secure in my little cocoon.


Wuzdescene said...

OMG ... I totally relate .... I LOVE the rain too .... love to hear it and watch it .... I live on hill .... so very often I can actually see the rain on the flat .... before it gets to me ....

I particualy enjoyed today's shower too ... cuz it caused by neighbor tuh go inside her damn apartment .... she was outside singing tuh her baby grandson .... loud and very off key!!!

ahhhh .... the joys of living on a hill .... in an apartment ....

HPD said...

Sometimes I just like standing in the rain. Clothes on and all. Or not. Look up at the clouds. Close my eyes. Smile. And let the rain wash away my thoughts. Just me and the smell of life outside. No sound but the rain. Rain makes me smile. Like the gods crying to tell us they care. Rain. And no pain.

Angry African

Coffeewallah said...

'Scene, I think we're really the same person sometimes.

AA, I hope that we can have coffee someday!