Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Relationships, go figure!

A while aback I was having coffee, what else, with a friend. Not an unusual occurrence at all, we were talking about all kinds of things including relationships. Very little surprises me generally but I confess, I didn't really expect my gay friend to be having the same kinds of problems my girlfriends were having with their boyfriends. Though why it should be any different I don't know. Relationships are relationships and very often problems are caused by the same things.

Okay, bottom line is, people have expectations and come with own own baggage. Our views are coloured by this and it affects how we approach our lives and how we interact with our partners. And that's the rub, we're all different but we expect that our partner will be able to read our minds; anticipate our every need or automatically know what we're feeling. Sorry folks, I hate to tell you but it does not work that way. That's why whomever created us gave us mouths and words.

Of course then there is man speak and woman speak but that's a whole other issue! She says one thing, he hears another! Or, he says nothing and she reads a whole conversation into it. Hundreds of cartoons, books, songs have been sacrificed to the Gods of Man/Woman Speak! And you know what. We still don't get it! So we screw up our lives trying to make sense of all of these convoluted issues and utterances flailing around until we bleed or the situation gets resolved.

Let's face it, humans make their lives complicated over stuff that in the end, is not really worth the energy we pour into it. Now I remember why I live with a dog. He at least does not question why I am late from work (two hours of traffic!), why I "let my figure go", why I have nothing to say, why I want to read my damn book in peace! He's just happy if I lob his ball at him, feed him and rub his tummy from time to time. Now there's a working relationship for you.

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