Friday, October 19, 2007

Life without coffee-NOT

This blog was about my musings about life from a caffeine hyped point of view. Yes, I know, pretty self indulgent. But I figured, if I could have a regular job, no matter how stultifying, damnit, I could be as self indulgent as I wanted to be on my own blog. What can I say, it's all that coffee talking.

Did I mention that I love coffee? I do. There is nothing like waking up, stumbling into the kitchen, the packet krinkling with excitement as it comes out of the freezer, the aroma so think you could almost eat it, filling the air as you grind the beans. Set up the coffeemaker and wait for the brown nectar with its promise of wakefulness and the flickerings of intelligence flowing back into you.

Without coffee in the morning I confess, I can be a babbling idiot. On the mad occasions that I have given it up, well, let's just say it's not been pretty. I am however not one of those people who faff around with I can't drink this or that. I do draw the line at instant granules, those are the coffee equivalent of cocaine for what they do to your stomach but any half way decent cup of java is welcome at my house. On that note, I'll take another sip and get down to the business of self indulgence and musing.

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