Friday, October 19, 2007

Go eat some chocolate - you'll be happier!

See this, this is pure evil. The seemingly innocuous slabs there have led women down the road of rack and ruin. Forget Eve and the apple, I don't care how shiny it is, who wants to eat apples when you can have glorious chocolate!

Every sane women will point out that choclate is one of the five food groups, but alas, it is one of those things that you are constantly told to avoid, like potatoes, another must have. You know what, in my twenties, when I had a figure, I was so afraid of society that I kept it under wraps. I never saw myself the way I was. Now I look back at the pictures and I am stunned! Who is that svelte chick with the masses of hair, fabulous legs and slim waistline. Surely it cannot be me!

Don't blame the chocolate however, in those days I could eat anything and not gain an ounce, pity then that I didn't. It is the job of advertising/marketing people everywhere to make us want to buy things. In today's world, ads/movies/tv/popular culture admires the stick figured woman, one that we forget has been airbrushed to within an inch of life. It is all too good to be true. We are ashamed of ourselves when we cannot conform to the unrealistic body ideals that are touted as perfection. And we deny ourselves any enjoyment as a result. We cannot eat this or that because the food police says it is bad for us or we'll gain a pound or two. Even when we look great we pick at ourselves and hold up ridiculous ideals. How stupid is that?

There are much more important things wrong with the world than my thirty inch waistline, go fix those please! Meanwhile, as an older, more mature woman, I have learnt the value of enjoying my life, if I want to have a little chocolate then I will.

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