Sunday, January 11, 2009

It's a beautiful day

Isn't it amazing that the very same people who will denigrate your skills or trash your work are usually the same people who will call you when the need something fixed or a problem solved? There was a time when I was constantly on call for work. Every time there was a situation or somebody couldn't figure out who to dump stuff on, well, you know. At times my job was to be a problem solver, as event manager we worked weekends, holidays, whatever. One night a DJ that we were working with asked, does it really matter if the napkins were yellow or blue, would it be the end of the world. The answer was no but in the moment, a lot of energy was expended; it's like that in a lot of jobs, all those things we HAVE to do but not really. Unless you're in one of those professions like medicine, air traffic control etc, there are few reasons to work 24/7. But you know something, all those odd jobs left me with a large skills base. It takes a lot to faze me, but I had to learn to not work all the time.

Last evening was great, several friends got together for an impromptu lime. It was our second in two nights, limes that revolved around good food, talk and sharing. We kicked back and connected, to share the things that challenged us, for companionship, to enjoy the moment, it was great. No pressure. Then the phone rang, mine is always on. And here's the thing, once upon a time I might well have dropped my whole life and gone a-running but not this time. I had a commitment to my evening, especially since I have to work this evening.

To make a long story short, I won't go into all the internal workings and rumblings because this year is going to be positive, but this was an opportunity to maintain some balance in my life. And you know what, I made the choice to do that, because if I do not, then I am responsible for the degeneration of my life. Other people can only abuse your time if you let them. In the last ten years a lot of friends have died of "lifestyle" diseases like cancer or heart attacks, some of them before their fortieth birthday. I know a lot of people who put off living their lives until their twilight years, only they didn't have twilight years. The truth is that you have to make memories now, because now is all we have.

Today has been spent hanging those paintings that have been sitting in a pile leaned up against the wall for the past three years. Clothes packed away, kitchen restored to order, little things but they give a sense of satisfaction and order. Sure I've been working in between, when the phone rings with the questions and requests, but there is nothing that cannot or should not wait until tomorrow. No one's life is at stake if I don't drop my life and run around doing whatever. It's not a bad feeling.
My dog is happy, I have a greater sense of well being for taking the time to honour my own life, it's a beautiful day.


Annie Paul said...

you got that right c-wallah. its all about perspective...if/when we die the universe rolls right along, important to remember that and not get caught up in the idea that one is indispensible...

Gabriela said...

Very well said... very true!
I'm just realizing that no matter what, nothing will change if your cell phone is off for a while (mine was always on, too). And it's a wonderful feeling.