Thursday, January 15, 2009

Happy Song

Just sing a happy so-ng
A simple little HAPPY SONG

I have officially lost my marbles. Or maybe I hope that I have in order to justify the current seeming craziness that is going on. Certainly, that would make some of this more palatable. No, you can't know what it is, if I told you then I'd have to kill you. Convinced now are you?

Since coming back from the pebble I am more and more convinced that the LIAT plane bypassed Trinidad and landed in LaLa Land or an episode of the Twilight Zone. Seemingly intelligent people are doing some incredibly nonsensical things, I don't understand it. Or maybe it is that vacation softens your brain?

I thought I'd driven in the wrong place arriving at Piarco on a work related mission the other night. The trees that are normally markers for where the car is parked were all gone. What? Security risk you say. To whom exactly? Hey, you're looking out for the Red Robin, thanks! No need to cut down the trees though. The airport, which already looks like a sterile wasteland with all the grey paint and icky tiles, now bereft of the softening influence of vegetation. It looks like you've arrived in some place other than the Caribbean. There is no warmth, no colour, no...ALIVE. This in a place that has given birth to a Nobel Prize winner for Literature, Emmy Award winning designer, Peter Minshall, Carnival, Geoffrey & Boscoe Holder, Carlisle Chang, Heather Headley, Geraldine Connor, Steelpan. No wonder all the people who work there are usually kind of sour. As for the trees, all in aid of a bunch of people who won't be coming through there anyway because they're all going to the old terminal that is being refurbished at the taxpayers expense.

Fellow blogger Franzomenz has already detailed many of the other LaLa moments so I'll leave you to read her. She's much more entertaining. Every time someone mentions "belt tightening" to me, the back of my neck scrunches up because it seems that it only applies to the few. For all the talk of hard times people are spending money on Carnival fetes, expensive costumes, fete clothes etc. There are people who have already paid off their costumes even while they scrimp to buy food and pay their bills. Clearly good sense at work.

You know, if I keep going along this path, it's going to lead to a bottle of vodka or me banging my head against a wall. Too depressing so instead I'll stick to singing a Happy Song and trusting that tomorrow is another day.

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GirlBlue said...

Its getting harder and harder to find that happy song