Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Darnit! Tagged again

Well lightening has struck again, I've been tagged by the Slacker. Seems my shoving him to write in 2009 has resulted in some turnabout. The object this time is to open yourself up and tell 20 things that might not be well known. Damn it, I liked it better when I had to pick non existent pictures out of my computer library. Strangely, though I write about me here it's really not about me if you catch my drift. Okay, bite the bullet and get on with those cringe worthy things that are so carefully hidden beneath the facade of Wallah.

1. I like chocolate too.
2. At heart I'm a marshmallow, crusty on the outside, soft and gooey on the inside.
3. Sucker for little kids
4. Though I wear four inch heels all day most days I prefer flip flops
5. I would never wear a suit if I thought I'd get away with it.
6. A pint of Ben and Jerry's Cherry Garcia or Dublin Mudslide and a good movie is my idea of a good time
7. I stopped swimming in open water when some people I know were lost at sea.
8. I hate karoke or however you spell it
9. Sushi, one of the five food groups
10. Yes, I do like the soundtrack to Saturday Night Fever and not ashamed to admit it
11. Nailpolish colour of choice, OPI's I'm really not a waitress
12. If I didn't own my current car I'd probably be driving a pick up
13. And breeding dogs instead of doing this
14. Slacker is one of my favourite writing partners
15. There are days when I contemplate being something where I'm not the one having to make the decisions
16. I collect notebooks
17. If you can't have good sex, why bother
18. I think intelligent men are better than men who are only good looking(though it helps when they nice to look at too!)

I've run out of stuff...these are the folk that I'm tagging:

Marcus aka Coffeedude...time to start your own blog bro, get to it
Sexypink, yes you, stop writing about other people's work and write about you and yours for a change www.sexypink.wordpress.com
Blue, that means you're double tagged by both Slacker and me, write woman, write. www.trinigirlblue.blogspot.com
Gabriela, because you always have so much to say but sometimes don't...http://seisdeenero.blogspot.com/


Gabriela said...

Well, that'a challenge! I'll start writing my post and let you know when it is done.
I once posted about 8 unknown things about me. 20... wow! Let's see what I find out about myself.

GirlBlue said...


I'll start but this probably would not be done until after my mini vaca

Coffedude said...

You forced my hand coffee. Live with the consequences. :-)


Wuzdescene said...


Good job with getting Coffeedude tuh finally start one ....

Gabriela said...

Is everything OK? You haven't posted in a while.
I hope we can hear from you soon.

Gabriela said...

Here it is:
All the best!