Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Country road take me home....

I've tagged by Argentum Vulgaris who thinks that I need some more pictures....since I don't keep a lot of photo images on the computer that I use to write this blog, I had to look, this is the fourth pic in the fourth file as per instructions. This little quiet road is actually the one of the main thoroughfares on the island on Mustique. It goes up the hill, past the Great House one part leading uphill to the Village where Mustiquians live before winding down to the dock where the shops, supermarket and Basil's bar are located.

Mustique is generally a quiet island, the main form of transport is the mule. No, not the four legged stubborn creature who generally does what it wants. A mule is sort of like a golf cart but noisier; a glorified buggy powered by something that sounds like a lawnmower engine! It is as fun way to get around though, wind blowing in your hair, waving at people who pass you by.
Other than that, you walk, ride or bum a ride with one of the teeny mini buses that belong to one of the houses or the hotel. What can I say, it's a small, albeit hilly, island.

It's not an easy climb up this road, even the fit huff a little as they go up and down. I like it because when I've walked down to the waterfront I usually have an ice cream cone as compensation knowing that I will walk off the calories to go home. And that's the other thing about Mustique roads, even though they sometimes appear to be going nowhere, they all lead somewhere, sometimes to people's private land...get off quickly, they don't take kindly to 'stormers' as we say here, that would you trespassing, never mind that there is no gate or fence to tell you that you might be. Hint, house is a dead giveaway though.

Now that I've done my duty, and you know a little more about the West Indies, who shall I bestow the honour on...hmmm I know, my list is going to be sort of regional!

1) Wudzdescene- my fellow commentator on things Trinidadian; she takes interesting pictures and can be persuaded to talk about them
2) Slacker, heck why not, haven't rattled his chain in a while
3) Angry African, in the hope that we might get some dancing or barbecue pics!
4) Hmm, I'm having trouble picking just one more person! How about Annie Paul writing out of Jamaica.

Go to it guys!


Anonymous said...

Coffeewallah, nice story about the pics, enjoyed reading it. I hope you notified the bloggers you tagged that they have been tagged. Also it is a good idea to put their blog urls so that others can visit. It's a good way to get more "business". Found wuzdescene and angry african on your links will go visit. :-)


Gabriela said...

After reading this post, I have to add Mustique to my travel wish list...

lyricsman said...

You got me. Couldn't resist the challenge. Here it is:

Anonymous said...

If you can visit Mustique then that means one of three things:

1. You have escaped being a wage slave.

2. You never were a wage slave to begin with.

3. That's one hell of a wage!

Wuzdescene said...


I'm gonna be late with mine .... still stressin wit my internet ....

Coffeewallah said...

all, good to know enjoyed the challenge. Everyone I tagged is actually linked from my blog.

As for going to Mustique, if you haven't been and have the opportunity, go.

A.Friend - There is a third choice you know -my brother works on the island and I go visit him. Poor sod ends up having to sleep on the couch!

Karen said...

Pretty good stuff. Let's chat on msn

Anonymous said...

Ah yes! I understand now. Brothers will do that for you!
I'm sure he doesn't even mind the couch.

Annie Paul said...

hey c-wallah,

so what happens when you tag someone? what should i do?

duh! feel like a dunce...

but thanks for tagging me tho'--seems to be a good thing--