Sunday, November 4, 2007

And finally...

Twas the night before elections, outside not a creature was stirring or so it would seem. The poll cards had been delivered, the jingles had rocked the windows for hopefully the last time at 6:00 pm and we all breathed a sigh of relief. People scurried indoors early tonight, almost as though everyone wanted to be tucked away in their homes, huddled around the proverbial campfire or something.

The microwave dinged, my sweetbread is warm, the cup of tea steaming gently as I blog. No, I'm not eating offal, sweetbread is a heavy, coconut based loaf that every West Indian knows and turns to when in need of comfort food. You can hear the frogs singing their own ode to rain, the air is heavy with it and the island should sleep well tonight. The past few days have been hard on the nerves. By this time tomorrow it will all be over bar the counting and shouting when results are announced. With any luck we will escape the tribulations that have plagued out last few elections. People get out there and do your civic duty or contain your whining when you get something you don't like!

Yes, I will be trekking to the polls myself. After all is said and done, despite how little credence I place in the process sometimes, it is still the only process that we have so i'll be staining my finger. See you there.