Wednesday, November 21, 2007


I might have previously mentioned that I spend a fair amount of time, not while on the job boss, reading Other People's Blogs. Some of them are very entertaining, some are educational and some are downright bizarre but I have few moments to enjoy light relief so I make the most of them.

I've taken to reading Confessions of a Pioneer Woman, the exploits of a gal living on a ranch making babies with her husband. Her name is Ree, she's quite funny and she cooks too. Of course her "reality" is a little initimidating for us bloggers, she's married to "Marlboro Man", she's got four kids and she has a number of blogs which she writes. Hell, she must be Superwoman!

I can barely get my underexercised ass out of bed in the morning to walk the hound far less to be posting blogs at FOUR A.M. When does she sleep?d When did she find the time to make those babies? I bow in the face of her superior time management.

And then, the thought occured, it's the Internet, who's to say she does not edit her reality? And more power to her if she did because she has a lot of fans including me. So Ree, whether you do or whether you don't, I hope you keep writing, at least I too can avoid reality TV and pretend that I too can have it all like you.

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