Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I cook therefore I am

You may not believe it but I am gainfully employed, I get up and go to an office every day, sometimes weekends too. I can be a workaholic. I used to be one of those awful people who went around telling everyone with not so secret relish how little time I had. My work was too important, too many things to do, look here's my organiser, my laptop, my spiffy phone!

Tripe, all tripe. One day the organiser died, my life did not end though I thought it might, then the laptop crashed and required huge transfusions of cash and time to be repaired. All was not lost, I had the numbers stored in the phone, sure I hadn't backed up everything else but I would soldier on. Until the night Zeus ate the phone. You heard me, the damn dog chewed the phone to bits as recreation as I lay in bed, clutching my hot pack and wallowing through a sea of painkillers to mitigate the pain caused by a car accident. Can I tell you the loss of the phone was worse than the car being in the shop for three weeks! I was truly traumatised.

I gave in a bawled at that point. All of this had happened in the space of three weeks! I was so incoherent that the man got frightened and went out and bought me a new phone just to get me to stop blubbering. Guilt may also have something to do with it but I've let all that go....

Now how does any of this relate to cooking you might wonder? Over the years I've evolved several survival mechanisms, one of them is cooking to keep me grounded. And I can cook, well, or so I'm told. I've never had a "career path", I've ALWAYS worked and found myself in the right place somehow. One of the things that make me laugh is how much stock some people put into titles and labels. Once, when I was being truculent and refusing to play the label game someone asked me what I did as though the answer would illuminate the world. My reply, I cook, therefore I am. Figure it out for yourself.

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