Monday, February 25, 2008

An then...

You know I've alluded elsewhere on this blog that my office is next to a POS prestige school. There are days however, I wonder if the administration of the school knows what goes in their cafeteria. Now despite what you might think, I don't really pay a whole lot of attention to what takes place outside my window unless it affects us over here. But I have to tell you, the on-going soap opera of the people next door! Wow!

I and my staff who meet in my office from time to time, have intimate knowledge of the people's business, conducted as it were at top volume. Most days we hear about the travails of man and wife as they sometimes put the Young and Restless to shame. I'll spare you the sorry details but we try not to listen but it's hard to miss. I've even had people on the phone comment on it so that should tell you.

Today, they're in full cry and I have to wonder again how deaf are the school jefes. And why would you ventilate your business like that to all and sundry? Do they enjoy the drama? I wonder what the parents who pride themselves on the "prestige" of this school would make of this...or the fact that the little darlings walk over the roof onto our wall and through the fire escape route to "break biche". But that's another story. On occasion we have thought that we might have to call the police or somebody to intervene in the warfare in progress though has sounded like someone may yet kill someone, I fervently hope it never gets to that.

You might think that I spend the day minding the business of next door but quite frankly, I would happily miss out on the almost heart attack prompted by the unexpected sight of a disembodied head suddenly appearing on the wall outside the lunchroom.


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I'm sorry this post had words?

Coffeewallah said...

Yup. Sad eh.