Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Who sen' mih out dere. Yes, I ventured out into Port of Spain again. In four inch heels no less. As cute as they are, dusty purple, round toed with gathers, ankle strap and a teeny bow, four inch heels are four inch heels and are not made for stalking around uneven pavements. Especially not pavements with people domiciled on them. Damage to my shoes aside, I find it intensely disturbing that a man could die in a drain by the side of a busy street and no one notice for ages as happened earlier this week.

I am surprised? Nope. it's just another symptom of our decaying society. As the wealthiest Caribbean country we have one of the worst track records when it comes to health and social issues. I've come to the conclusion that Trinis love being martyrs otherwise we'd be a lot less accepting. As we stumble along the road to 2020, lined as it were with the Waterfront Development, Government Campus and other visible monuments to our success as a first world nation, I wonder whether anyone is paying attention to the fact that our "civilisation" is falling down around our ears.

I think I need to cut down on my trips round the capital city, they're disturbing my zen and ruining my shoe heels. Maybe if I hide in my ivory tower I too can avoid the unpleasantness at least until it's time to sit in the traffic to go home. Sorry, didn't mean to be a downer but you know, the destruction of my shoes heels must stop, oh yeah and if we could fix the other stuff, that would be nice too....


GirlBlue said...

yuh coulda well invite me, my 3 1/2" heel self would have joined you on your journey or at least met you half way.

Stop the mindless destruction of shoe heels...oh and other stuff too

Coffeewallah said...

I thought you were paying attention. So when next can you slip out? I've dumped my heels for the not so glamorous, but infinitely more practical Pumas. I may well wear them for the rest of the week, never mind how weird they look with a suit.

GirlBlue said...

I'm happily free everyday between 12-1 or alternatively 6-8am :)

If you give your email addy I could send you my phone number or alternately just write.

Meh blasted server keep going dong

Coffeewallah said... I try never to be in my office before 8:30 am since I don't leave much before 6:00 pm most days. Don't you love how technology does NOT work for you everytime.

GirlBlue said...

Wait I was suppose to pay attention? To what? You mean the lousy state of affairs in this country? Nah nah I done with that for a while

Coffeewallah said...