Monday, February 18, 2008

De Boissiere House

I am pissed. I could could get vex about all the stupidness that goes on here. Cutting down the hills for endless ugly house, traffic, stupidity, bad drivers; we all know the list is endless. A day in the life "paradise" is often fraught. I want to remind people sometimes, when they talk about making this country a "hub of commerce" or a "first world nation", this is where people come to escape the worst of those types of places.

We so damn lucky here we take everything for granted not acknowledging that it may all be gone before we blink. Lest I slip into nostalgia, I do remember a time when kids rode their bikes on the street, you knew your neighbours and people actually showed some courtesy to each other. And I'm not even that old!

Instead,we seem to have adopted the worst behaviours and lost our sense. On Saturday I drove with a friend, another woman, to Chaguaramas. I love being on or near the water and we went there to breathe. In a way it was almost like being in a different world. My friend and I, while enjoying the ambience and reminiscing about a time when we could actually get out of the car were saddened to note the incursions being made. This is the Caribbean that people outside long for, the trees, water lapping against the shore, sunlight, quiet. When I worked outside of Trinidad my colleagues were all envious that I had a ready escape back to something they considered divine.

I wish they knew. Instead I breathe the carbon monoxide fumes, have respitory illness due to the polluted air and sick building syndrome. I watch while our beautiful historic buildings are swept aside to make way for featureless, concrete monstrosities with no personality, no identity. Nothing to celebrate the very differentness of "we".

I'm asking you if you read this blog, visit the link on the right and see for yourself what we might be losing.

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GirlBlue said...

I so understand the sentiments expressed here.

So far I have signed the petition, am on Nicholas Laughlin's email list re house and waiting for next move