Monday, August 27, 2007

Blogging my life away...

It's been a while but I felt like I had nothing to say that was worth putting out there. Not like me I know but Richard had asked what the blog was about and I stumbled. Because I didn't know anymore. It's very easy to get introspective and to imbue everything you create with importance. I don't doubt that I could have come up with some highbrow reason, but I suppose it is much simpler. I had stuff to say, was tired of not saying it or repeating it to various friends so I took the lazy way if you will. Now I say, read the blog.

Today, I sat in a meeting that went on and on and I started to write in my head. The headline went something like, "How do you get back the time spent sitting in long meetings" or "is this a waste of time or does it add value" or some similarly trite thing to justify why I was there and not doing something that I really wanted to be doing.

I'm sure my boss would be appalled but after a while I started to think about how I would paint my living room, which needs painting. I would come home from work at a decent hour, start on the back wall, roll on the zen blue paint to cover the icky green. Wall by wall, over a few days or weeks until it was all zen blue. The crisp white edging, the soft curtains covering the windows. Moving the furniture around, it all went through my mind though I'm not generally a house proud type. It was engaging to not engage never mind the other part of my brain was still ticking over in meeting time.

Did I feel like it was a good five hours spent? Maybe not but tomorrow is another day. Meanwhile, I think I'm going to get a paint roller, organise myself and get started on the great change. At least I have control over that!

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