Friday, August 17, 2007

Become an M&M

On the lighter side of life, if you want to have some quick, clean, innocent fun, visit It's a cute little site from the makers of M&M's, the chocolate candies that promise that to melt in your mouth not your hand. Like their ads which have taken to showing M&M candies as having personalities, you too can create your very own MM character and then have it star in a video or photograph. It's a fun way to blow steam when you need to give yourself some space but can't do it physically.

Of course your IT department might not thank you for using up the bandwith with frivolities but as long as you don't get hooked and spend all your time there, it beats on-line shoe shopping for entertainment/stress relief value. Best of all, you don't spend any money other than your intenet usage fee, the site is free and you're confined only by the limitations of the templates and extras, modem speed and your creative thinking.

Have fun!


safespaces said...

Could you be becoming a bit obsessed with M&M's says the pot to the kettle.

Natasha said...

Hey if you can't eat em, join em!