Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Here today...

My insurance agent found his way to my desk this week; for weeks we'd been trying to orchestrate the handover of my health policy and other sundry details. As surprising as it may seem to some, my job does not come with health insurance and even though I've had insurance at various times, for the most part I fly without. That means I pay, every time something happens and live in hope that nothing serious hits me again.

I'd spent a lot of time grumbling over this new expense but in the end, bowed under the pressure of seeing friends get ill and got myself some. My brother will probably be very happy, he won't have to take care of me in case of emergency. Mine can be a stress filled life but I'm gradually coming to terms with it and managing better than I did, perhaps it is old age. Whatever the cause I'm grateful. it's all small stuff right.

Anyway, this Sunday I was moved to do some cleaning. No, not that dreaded "Christmas cleaning" that we do, it was more along the lines of, " I can't take this anymore and if I don't do something I will go nuts". Having had to work on Saturday, everything was piled into the one day off left. It started from early. The hound was pretty surprised when after his constitutional we didn't climb back into the warmth of the bed and snuggle under the covers, that would be me snuggling, him sulking at the foot of the bed, the X-man grumbling at being disturbed.

The kitchen was tackled first, cupboards cleaned, old stuff thrown out, countertops scrubbed, appliances too, every surface spick and span. I was whirling dervish of action. It actually looks pretty good and now I know what's there and what's not. Gradually, as the day wore on, despite the urge to flee the scene, I kept going. It looks presentable now, I still have another weekend's worth of going, hey I live in a biggish space with a large dog and drop in man.

Cleaning, my mind ranged free on many subjects. The things I wanted to do, the things I was going to do, going to see my brother, all kinds of stuff. I was not so concerned with how the flat looked as that I wanted to re-claim my space. This was my way of giving myself security. Even though I hate housework, it was kind of nice, that feeling of accomplishment that I could take control of something.

And then today, in the midst of a crazy week filled with meetings, functions and all those things that we MUST WIND UP BEFORE CHRISTMAS, while checking my email there was a message from one friend about another close friend. Turns out that friend Number#2 was in the hospital recovering from major surgery the night before. What! She had a stomach bug was my immediate response, how could she need surgery!!! A flurry of phone calls later the news was relayed by a third friend. It was staggering, one of those things that could have gone so wrong that fortunately did not. The relief was palpable. Though I have yet to visit my friend in the hospital, I'll be doing that later, it made me stop. My ill friend and I had gone through many hard times together. We'd both struggled with issues and she was really good to me at a time when things were really bad. Recently, her life had taken a turn, she'd changed everything. Her son was living abroad, happily married getting on with his own life. She'd gotten a good job that allowed her to do things, life was looking good.

And then this, random. Fortunately she's in good shape and has the resources to take care of the problem. With any luck she'll recover quickly, I certainly hope so.

Of course, now that insurance policy does not seem so far fetched. I am once again hugely grateful that I have good friends. It reminds me of what Charms always says, you have no control over anything but the universe will always give you the tools once you open yourself to the possibilities.


Wuzdescene said...

hmmmm ... I think I need to go find my insurance policy ... dust it off ... and actually read it!

Gabriela said...

I hope you friend gets better really soon... and I think Charms is 100% right!