Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Happy birthday to you

WTF! I can't believe I didn't post this, I really meant to last thing last night but fell asleep watching the rain fall.

To my brother:

Another year gone by, we're both getting a little longer in the tooth.
You, aging not at all, me starting to look more and more like the family.
I remember when you were born, going to visit mum in the nursing home up in St. Ann's. You were this bright eyed, pale not so little bundle. Sometimes a squalling mass but mostly of sunny disposition, something you still are today. As much as I threatened to trade you in for the dog that was lost, you were and still are, one of the most important things in my life.

Every time I look at you I see the best of what our family is, and I'm so very glad to be your big sister, even though you still drive me nuts. It constantly amazes me that you still think I can fix anything, one of these days you're going to figure out I'm a big fraud but until then, I will try to fix everything for you.

So bro, as you walk through life on your own journey, you, who let nothing stop you from going places, know that you are loved and your big sister is still here looking out for you.

Happy Birthday little bro, may you always walk in sunshine and the path before you be relatively pot hole free.

Love always,



Angie said...

tell bro happy belated for me too...

he's lucky 2hav a sis like u

Gabriela said...

Very heartbreaking... moving! It's so nice to have a brother, older or younger. I lost mine six years ago, he passed away at 36... cancer.
All the best for your brother. I'm pretty sure you'll always be the one who can fix everything.