Monday, December 24, 2007

It's Christmas..

My friend J, gave me a really wonderful gift this year. It didn't come in her usual inventive, beautiful wrapping unless you count the great outfit she was wearing when it was delivered. J and I have a little tradition, twice a year we get together for a celebratory lunch/dinner. We get together at other times just for so but on my birthday and pre- Christmas we have our little celebration.

Now J is a really happening girl, she's beautiful, she's intelligent, she has a great sense of humour and she's hugely talented. I think she's the bomb and she likes me too. Nice ay. Did I mention that she gives great presents. Anyway, we'd almost missed our date due to the crazed rush that hit us both at the end. Being the determined women that we are we managed to hook up and we sweet talked our way into Angelo's.

I won't tell you what we talked about other than to say we had an absolute blast! After a difficult time, J reminded me of who I am, and that's the best Christmas present. So to J, thank you for caring, thank you for sharing and most of all, thank you for being you! And yes, I started on the things that we talked about....

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GirlBlue said...

The bestest present evah! Cherish it