Wednesday, December 19, 2007

And speaking of

Families, you sure can't pick 'em. At least the one you're born with, then there's the family you marry, at least you can divorce them if it doesn't work out. But what about if you can't stand HIM but you like THEM. Well you find ways around it has been my experience.

Which brings me to my former mother in law. Have you ever seen the movie Monster In Law? Jane Fonda has nothing on my former mother in law. Marge certainly had her moments and I'll tell you, we had our ups and downs which I prefer not to think about now that's it's over. I am forever greatful to her though and I've reached the point where I can again think fondly of her.

Marge was a woman of great style. My own mother, while well dressed was and even stylish was not exactly full of style. I got that from Marge, I also got my appreciation of art from her. Whatever else might have been, she never pooh-poohed my love for sculpture, paintings, books, words and fine food. That I learnt many things from her is undeniable and that I am better for the experience is also so. Marge had many frustrations of her own in life, she played second fiddle to a brother and then a husband sometimes at the expense of her own dreams and ambitions. I can relate!

Marge has been gone from my life for several years now, we lost touch inadvertently. I miss her sometimes, just because. But in hindsight, I'm thankful that I did have the experience of her, she helped to make me. It might seem that I've gotten all nostalgic in the last few weeks but I'm returning the favour if you will. The right person will know what I mean and everybody else, thanks for the indulgence.

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