Sunday, September 12, 2010


Extended vacation ? nope
Depressed as hell? nope
Too lazy to write? nope
Nothing to write about? nope

Incredibly, the only reason for not logging on for months has been an absence of an internet connection at home. In upgrading my method of connecting it would appear that the "blinking" company cannot cope with my computer, in short, their device does not speak to mine and when contacted, their response is, our technicians are not familiar with the system. As a life-long, dedicated Mac user, I have no intention of parting with my MacBook so the company better figure it out quickly. However, thanks to the generosity of my neighbours I have utilised their wireless connection and am seriously considering either going with the "flow" or "connecting the dots". Trinidadians will understand these references but far be it from me to give anybody free advertising.

So we know that generally customer service sucks in this country. Mind you there are some real gems, for example, the young woman behind the counter at BURGER KING in MARAVAL. Has anyone explained the concept of fast food to these people? Anyway, having reached the top of the line requested a Number 1, that is, Whopper (with cheese thanks), fries and drink. I don't often indulge mind you but sometimes you just gotta have it your way. In very surly tones she related, "it ent have none". What? This is your NUMBER 1 seller and you don't have it? No, you could have the burger, just no fries....this despite rows of packaged fries staring back across the counter. Trying again, in measured tones my friend inquired, but what are those while gesturing to the rows in back of her. At which point she exploded, "ent I tell yuh it ent have no fries!" We left, sans burger of course.

But wait, this was not our only run in, I wonder why we keep going back. It must be because we love punishment.

Anyway, not to complain or anything. Didn't want my first outing back to be about the yucky things. Therefore things that will not be mentioned:
Crime(!!) except to say, GOOD LUCK MR. GIBBS!
The price of anything

Perhaps I should have made a list of things that I could write about, hmm
The really creamy breakfast scrambled eggs
My granny being really happy to be surrounded by all of us talking at the same time on Friday.
My brother channeling his inner beach bum.
Coffee with my friends yesterday.
An orange butterfly landing on my air before flitting merrily on it's way.
Singing loudly in the car....hey, you can't hear me outside

By the way, VH1 has been endlessly counting down the Top 100 artists of ALL TIME. Subjective list because it speaks to people's perceptions of what is popular at any time, though it this was a poll of 200 musicians. Funny thing though, even as an old geezer, I knew the music of all the bands/singers in the Top 20 (well, I knew most of the Top 100). I couldn't figure out how someone like Madonna, a marketing machine could score higher than say U2 or even AC/DC but then I figured it our. The marketing machine worked. The amazing thing was this, the Beatles were the Number 1 act! Michael Jackson was #2, he's probably spinning in his grave since his life long objective was to top their popularity. I suspect half of the people surveyed weren't even born when the Beatles were around. Now that says something......for the record, they were before my time too but I still play them because their themes and music are timeless.

Good to be back, gotta go play with the dog now.


Gabriela said...

It's good to have you back. I must confess I was starting to worry about your silence, I've been imaginign lots of reasons for that. Each one worse than the other... why do we take the pesimistic side? Because I never, ever thought your silence was due to a bad Internet connection.
A huge HI to your granny!

Wuzdescene said...

gosh Wallah .... good tuh have yuh back chick .... and good luck wit dat blinkin problem! :-)

Coffeewallah said...

'Scene, yuh know how the blinkin company is.

Gabriela, well, perhaps there was other stuff but the internet thing was the deal breaker