Thursday, October 16, 2008

(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction

It's day twelve, I'm still coughing like a bitch. It is nasty, it is loud, it is messy, this loud barking cough, that shakes me awake in the wee hours, that rattles my soul as I clutch my chest, the cold of the office seeping through my pores. Yes, sadly, or should I say, pathetically, I am still at my desk. This thing, which started out embedded in the sinus, that has gone beyond the "flu", that has taken up residence; which will not be soothed by heavy applications of honey based cough syrup or lempsip or megadoses of vitamin c. The evidence is glaring and I will reluctantly submit to the higher call of the dude in the white jacket and his prescription pad. Antibiotics will be applied, and at least in this, there may be some satisfaction.


Wuzdescene said...

Wallah .... you need sick leave .... not antibiotics!

Gabriela García Calderón said...

I hope you'll be better by Monday. I'm pretty sure your Granny has a home remedy for that flu.
Regards from Peru!